070913_TinyTinkers®_Little Baker smClever photography and a realistic look come together in this sportswear line that lets kids aspire to grown-up dreams.

Orly Catz has always been a visual person, so when she receives her first camera at the age of 12, she finds the perfect way to express her creativity. Orly not only specializes in commercial and fine arts photography, but through her new apparel line, she’s helping kids envision their own futures.

I raised my children to be open-minded and to try as many things as possible from sports to math to Brussels sprouts! And that’s what TinyTinkers represents, a world wide open to our children to become whoever they’re meant to be and embrace what they love.

070913_TinyTinkers®_Tiny Gardener smEndless Possibilities of Childhood. With the Spring ’14 collection of TinyTinkers, Orly uses her illustrative style to create clothing that allows children to literally try on any persona they choose. The 100% cotton sportswear line uses digital textile printing with non toxic, water base inks, which creates realistic trompe l’oeil images depicting a range of grown-up occupations, hobbies and sports that both kids and their parents can relate to.

As a result, cooks looking for a sous chef, golfers in need of a caddie or handymen wanting an extra hand can find them, with the help of TinyTinkers®.

By offering real-life images unlike traditional screen prints, TinyTinkers fulfills the need we all have to see ourselves in our children. “I also love that TinyTinkers brings such joy,” Orly says. “Kids, parents and even passersby get a kick out of the realistic look of our images.”

With TinyTinkers, kids can walk in their parents’ footsteps, and adults can start them off on their own path. For instance, for shoppers who have a budding cameraman in their lives, the Tiny Photographer is the perfect way to bring their aspirations into sharp focus.

070913_TinyTinkers® Tiny_musician_smTinyTinkers’ spring collection features Polo rompers, one-pieces, T-shirt dresses and short-sleeve and raglan tees in sizes 12 months to 4T. Orly’s photography is brought to life with complementary imagery on the front and the back, with themes that include a gardener’s belt cinched at the waist; a guitar over the shoulder; a baker’s apron tied in place and a purse filled to overflowing hanging across the body. Sports images include a baseball mitt, bat and ball enhanced by baseball stitching; golf clubs slung over the shoulder; and tennis balls caught in the net. And for a bit of seasonal fun, the line includes Popsicles and a beach scene.

Children’s Buyers – TinyTinkers launches at KidShow/Las Vegas August 19-21.

Wholesale prices range from $12-$20. The line is represented by Bill and Sandie Ellsworth in New England, Dave Lefelstein in New York, Chelsea & Co. in the Southeast, Kathy Fedoryshyn in the Midwest, The Coffs in the Southwest and Jo Ann Farese on the West Coast.

Shoppers – ask for TinyTinkers at your favorite children’s boutique!

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