Paper Hat Press

These publishers are creating beautiful stories about the most unique characters of all – your own kids.

051613_PaperHatPress_lifestyleI remember receiving a fun holiday ornament from my niece that she hand-crafted especially for me. It’s a little replica of my personality –a sassy cowgirl, with boots and hat and scarf –and my nickname printed on her blouse. That little treasure made from play dough is definitely one of my favorite keepsakes.

051613_PaperHatPress_BookThe people behind Paper Hat Press are an award-winning team of children’s book authors, editors, illustrators and designers who are publishing personalized books destined to become keepsakes for kids. They’re also mothers and fathers and book lovers, too –who know how to make high-quality, custom-made books that feature your own children as main characters in engaging stories, illustrated with gorgeous artwork.

Our one-of-a-kind, personalized books and keepsakes are sure to surprise and delight.

051613_PaperHatPress_SketchbooksEach hardcover book is made to order and features a window in the cover that features your “little character,” aka your child. Each book is specially wrapped in kraft paper “that can be folded into a paper hat,” and arrives in as fast as five days. Notebooks, sketchbooks and sticks can also be personalized.

We make books that parents and kids can hold together, read over and over, and keep forever.

051613_PaperHatPress_Stickers“Each story can be customized with a child’s favorite things –a toy, pet, food, playground- as well as with the child’s family,” they say. “In addition, each story celebrates a child’s super qualities and the giver’s wishes.” Each character can also be customized to include to resemble your child.

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