JuJu Band

The traditional art of binding, re-imagined to simplify the busy lives of today’s parents.

121312_JuJuBand_01Are you a new parent? Is your baby fussy? Does your newborn’s skin need protection from never-ending clothing changes? JuJu Band may be the answer.

For centuries, binding have been used throughout the world to soothe babies’ bellies, especially in the Hawaiian, Filipino, Latin and English cultures. Baby belly binders help keep the stomach warm, reducing colic. As a cover, a binder keeps the diaper and other clothing from rubbing against a newborn’s umbilical stump, reducing friction or irritation, and protects against infection.

We started JuJu Band to pass on our childhood traditions to families at a special time in their lives, when they first become parents.

121312_JuJuBand_logoMade in the USA. Very passionate about passing on their own family tradition, Julie Ann Acevedo and Julio Guerra co-founded Juju Concepts LLC, the parent company of JuJu Band, an elegantly designed wrap that makes the ancient art of binding easy -and cute- for today’s parents. JuJu Bands are made from the highest quality material right here in the United States. “With just three easy steps, you, too will become a part of over 100 years of tradition,” they say. Plus, the snug fit calms and comforts even the most finicky infants.

121312_JuJuBand_06Julie tells me that the idea for the company name came from the word, “juju,” which is a kind of magic. “JuJu Band solves issues that are often frustrating for parents,” she says. “Our bands are magic, because with very little effort, they make those issues disappear.” Incidentally, “JuJu” also stands for Julie Acevedo and Julio Guerra, creators of the brand.

The company’s Newborn Navel Protector also helps with an old custom –that of binding baby’s belly to help achieve a perfect “innie” belly button! Juju Concepts also makes bibs, blankies, comforters, gift sets and more, available online.

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