Coursing Around Shows Kids How Exercise Can Be Fun

Help your kids start the New Year living a healthy lifestyle through fun exercise courses.

121812_CoursingAround_logoCoursing Around is a company that develops the perfect physical workouts for kids, which use active, social, and fun activities to get them exercising.

Get Back to the Outside World. The Coursing Around Book provides a ton of activities that allow kids to use their imagination, be active and learn, with just a piece of chalk and their own backyard. It’s an easy way to entertain at birthday parties, social gatherings or just during weekends and afternoons.

121812_CoursingAround_01Created by certified fitness specialist-aerobics instructor-personal trainer-post exercise chiropractic therapist Debbie Beam-Tougas (wow – that’s quite the list!), who’s dream is that children of all sizes, shapes, gender and ethnicity can use her easy-to-learn routines to learn that exercising can be fun and accomplished in many ways.

In 2002, Debbie was recruited to teach the fitness component of a government subsidized overweight program for children ranging in age from five to 15. “I still remember the first class I taught,” she says. “There was a six-year-old by the name of Ruben who was approximately 40 pounds overweight. After only walking part way around the building he had to stop because he was extremely out of breath, hunched over with his hands on his knees and needed a rest. This was a wake-up call for me and practically brought tears to my eyes.” Debbie was challenged to keep kids for at least 45 minutes with just a blacktop and hardly anything else. Her imagination –and a little sidewalk chalk- inspired her to create the Coursing Around” was born.

In today’s society, with all the hand held devices, video games, computers and both parents working, our kids have lost the art of ‘Outdoor Play.’

It is also a fun way for parents to become more involved and create a stronger bond with their children. The book comes with 15 exciting courses, two pieces of chalk, a ruler and some fun fitness facts.

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