Written With Love

121212_WithACherryOnTop_CoverA true love story. The 28-page children’s book With A Cherry On Top is a “little love story” brought to life by author Jane Asher and illustrated by Steve Burrows. “It is a true story about a conversation that I had with my son when he was six years old about who loves who more,” Jane says.

Released in 2006 and published by Amazon’s BookSurge Publishing arm, With A Cherry Top garners a five-star rating from fans and is adored by so many. It’s a thoughtful gift for the holidays, too.

This book is a sweet expression of love. It is a delight for all of us who have ever tried to express just how much we love someone only to have it ‘topped’ by their love for us! Read it and add your own topping … you’ll love it!

-Gaila, superfan

Jane Asher – who’s also a popular radio personality- lives in San Diego, CA, where she writes daily. Encinitas, CA-based artist Steve Burrows shows his love of surf, travel and adventures through his art, entertaining both the young and young at heart.

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