Sammi & David Débuts New Collection

With all the zeal you’d expect, an up-and-coming company débuts a collection just as vibrant and eclectic as the wonderful life that inspired it.

Rebecca Gold and Shana Cutler became instant BF’s over cowboy boots. The two knew from the first grade that they were destined to make a lasting impression on the world of fashion.

Their signature Love Jay Girls apparel line has won over many-a-fashionista, and now, they’re poised  to set trends again with Sammi & David, their “fearlessly-expressive” brand that celebrates a child’s spontaneity. “In truth, we care about these girls because we once were these girls,” they say.

Designed specifically for a girl’s tween years, the new line embraces individuality with fashion forward panache, bridging the ‘girly-girl’-one-day, ‘rocker-chick’-the-next vibe. The collection features sweet and sassy designs, made from ultra-comfortable materials like bamboo fleece and knit jersey to edgier fabrics such as pleather and distressed leopard.

‘Sammi’ is for your daintiest moods. ‘David’ represents that edgy alter ego that wants to come out and play. Sammi & David strives to offer the freedom to choose not who she wants to be, but rather express the beautiful young lady she already is.

Los Angeles, CA-based Felicia’s LLC is dedicated to producing its growing product line with high-quality materials and detailed construction.  In early August, Sammi & David is introducing the Spring/Summer 2013 collection of tops, bottoms, dresses and outerwear to the children’s retail industry at the Playtime New York trade show. See it soon in stores!

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