Golly Gee-pers Game Teaches Manners

Award-winning games teach children table manners in a fun, delicious way.

A while back, Staci Ericson discovered –through an honest parent and good friend- that her daughter’s table manners left a little to be desired. “I went home and quickly drew some silly sketches with captions and corresponding thumbs-up or thumbs-down illustrations, put them inside zip lock sandwich bags,” she says.

We’ve got kids’ manners in a bag.

Since then, Staci has taken her card game idea  to market. Golly Gee-pers mealtime games encourage good table manners, incorporating honest feedback and accountability. Staci and her team research, develop and test fun ways to teach manners to children, with the help of local pediatric groups. “I was able to survey parents, grandparents and caregivers and later put the game through a series of focus groups,” she says. “My goal was not to simply get the game on the market but to provide a useful tool that would address table manners in the moment they occur.”

Honored as Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Socially Responsible Products for 2011 and one of Dr. Toy’s 100 Best New Products for Children 2011, Golly Gee-pers Table Manners Cards not only teach kids proper etiquette, the entire process really enhances the mealtime experience –for everyone. Here’s a video:

New Products in 2012. Staci plans to introduce a few more products under the Golly Gee-pers brand sometime this year. Don’t Pick Your Nose and Other Jazzy Manners Songs helps parents teach their kids social skills in addition to introducing them to light jazz music. Toddlers at the Table is a flap book designed specifically for new diners. We’re looking forward to these releases.

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