Drool Monkey – 100% Certified Organic Cotton

You learn something new every day.

When Kam Corkin introduced me to her young company, I learned not just one, but two things. 1) what a “lovie” is and 2) how easy it is to be drawn to a product with such a cute name.

Kam is founder/CEO of Drool Monkey Organics, makers of fine-quality, eco-friendly baby products, and specializing in organic hankies and teething lovies. What’s more, the heirloom-quality lovies are made from a custom-woven wicking fabric that helps prevent drool and teething rash. Simply knot the corners to give your baby relief from those growing pains, too.

Kam designed the first Drool Monkey as a practical solution for her drooling baby. “When my first child was three months old and started putting everything in her mouth,” she tells me, “I knew I had to find a non-toxic solution that was easy to keep clean.” Her organic and sanitary products quickly became sought after by all her friends,  so she started her Monterey, CA-based business right as her second child was born. “It’s been a roller-coaster trying to launch a product during such a busy time in my life, but it’s been magical to watch my son use the product that I invented for my daughter three years ago.”

We also just had our first celebrity sightings. Selma Blair has been photographed using her Drool Monkey. Ali Landry just tweeted a photo of her son, Marcello, snuggling his Drool Monkey.

I’ll let Kam tell you what makes Drool Monkey so unique:

  • Made from custom-woven organic cotton fabric, it is amazingly luxurious and soft. The best part is that it can be washed and dried every day to keep it clean and sanitary without any piling.
  • Multi-purpose Cloth Teether, Burp Cloth, Sleep-Aid (absorbing Mom’s scent), Blankie and even a Nursing Cover or Sun Shield – all in one.
  • Teething Relief – Tie a cube of ice in the extra fabric for baby to chew on (works like a mesh feeder but doesn’t get baby wet); tie knots in the corners for baby to chew on – it even comes with two removable ribbon tethers
  • Each Drool Monkey comes packaged in an organic cotton snap front wristlet bag complete with a free gift tag.
  • A gift that Mom will find extremely useful from the newborn stage all the way into the toddler years.
  • Designed by a Mom for a Mom

My own two kids are kitty-kids … but I’m convinced even my cats would appreciate a Drool Monkey. I know I would!

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