Huggalo – Small Business with a Big Mission

From apprehensive toddlers to courageous pre-schoolers, one mom is transforming the way children handle life’s transitions with her inspiring company.

Though she’s never worn the inventor’s cap before, Donna Broder‘s choice to become a mompreneur has not only enriched her own life, but that of her son … and those of both parents and children nationwide.

Let me explain.

When Donna’s son Noah first started pre-school, he had a little trouble adjusting to days away from home. When his first-day jitters extended to weeks, Donna was inspired to create a product that would help Noah through this transition, and help her leave the school yard without both of them in tears.

She gave Noah a photo to take with him to school … but soon, the photo got torn. So she put on her thinking cap and came up with an award-winning idea.

No parent wants to watch their children suffer when they should be having the time of their lives.

From its huggable feel to its adorable hip look, Huggalo is what the company calls “a best buddy with a surprise on his tummy.” The keepsake soft doll has a clear plastic frame to hold favorite photos, so kids can take their memories with them on their greatest adventures –and know they’re loved, even far from home. Once Donna introduced Noah to Huggsley – the first Huggalo – he went to pre-school with a smile.

Huggalo is a great transitional toy for any situation. From a military parent’s deployment to the grandparents living cross country, to the first day of school or the passing on of a beloved pet or friend, Huggalo succeeds by pairing something tangible with pictures of those who can’t be around every minute of the day. By sticking a photo of their dad, mom, sibling or a grandparent in the frame, kids can see the people they miss.  But Huggalo lets kids do more than that.

“By  letting our son or daughter adapt to new situations we are helping our kids become more resilient and confident, too,” Donna says. She believes that kids are empowered when they are given tools to comfort themselves.

Winner of the Parents’ Choice Recommended Award. In fact, Noah’s Huggsley has made such a huge impact on children’s lives, that he was recognized and commended by the Parents’ Choice Foundation for his heroic ability to teach life lessons with care.

Huggalo is brought to you by Donna’s Redorb Concepts, her California-based company that supports  several philanthropic organizations, including The Soldiers Project and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Thank you, ChicExecs PR, for introducing me to Huggalo!

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