Celebrating 10 Years of Tea

Inspired by the beauty of all the world surrounding us, is a company that believes their people are its soul, the heart of the brand.

We’re Tea. We go there. Across the globe. And across the street. Turning our experiences into original children’s clothing of unique beauty, modern style and easy comfort. Come along with us. And definitely bring your kids.

It’s hard to believe it’s been just 10 years since two world travelers started Tea in San Francisco, CA USA with three pima cotton baby sweaters and a global aesthetic for designing distinctive fashion for children, ages 0-12. The women’s collection of “easy-going, culturally-connected styles designed to fit your life” was launched in the fall of 2010.

The brand name is inspired by the tradition of drinking tea, shared throughout the world in nearly every culture. Taking it even further, Tea employees receive an annual allowance to use toward international travel; thus, each season’s destination inspiration. “We immerse ourselves in the culture to learn about local textiles, colors, architecture, aesthetics and design practices,” they say on their website. “We explore, we discover, we sketch, we take tons of pictures (video too). We come home – enlivened by the experience, ideas flowing, and ready to jump into the journey of creation.”

The Spring/Summer 2012 destination inspiration is Bali –a world full of happiness.

Co-founders, Emily Meyer, chief creative officer, and CEO Leigh Rawdon bring together Emily’s extensive background in fashion and Leigh’s entrepreneurial spirit in a company ranked on the Inc Magazine list of fastest growing private companies five years in a row. Tea not only gives us remarkably beautiful fashion, but gives back to the world through its work with The Global Fund for Children.

Very Tea, indeed.

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