Introducing Zooligans

Available in stores later this month, Zooligans™ by Roc-A-Bouts® have plenty of animal magnetism.


This brand new line of footwear for kids ages one through five can prove to be irresistible, as each little shoe looks just like an animal, complete with molded eyes and stitched on details. Each pair is tagged with the animal’s name, and kids can learn about its personality and quirky habits from reading the fun, educational story that’s included.

Zooligans animals –oh, I mean shoes- come in a nifty shoebox that’s reusable and recyclable. Like a fun toy, the box looks and acts like a pet carrier, so kids can use it to carry their Zooligans shoes or to carry their favorite stuffed animal. And when it’s time, it can be thrown right in the recycle bin.

Who can resist a shoe that looks you in the eye and smiles?

The Zooligans line is created by long time children’s shoe designer and former toy designer Joel Rusnak and his wife and marketer Cheryl Andonian. The team partnered with popular shoe company Roc-A-Bouts to manufacture a high-function, quality shoe featuring a unique Paw-Flex bottom, which looks like a paw and flexes like one, too. Made with soft leather uppers for natural breathability and comfort,  the designers utilize an athletic shoe construction for excellent stability.

Later this April, look for eight characters of Zooligans in stores, including a kitty, monkey, bunny, gator, panda, koala, puppy and raccoon in either a Mary Jane style for girls or a fisherman sandal style for boys and girls.

I’m putting my request in for a shoe that looks like a goat (my favorite animal – and they’re feisty, too!).

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