Happy Birthday to Us!

Just five years ago, HUDSON’S Childrenswear Review was a newborn! It’s fun to look back, and realize just how this this labor of love started  …

I met Tom Hudson and Margaret Mobius in La Jolla, CA several months before our first publishing deadline. We enjoyed several strong Starbuck’s coffees together outside on the terrace, talking about their dream of a comprehensive, high-quality, fun publication the celebrates all things kid.

Now, we’re Celebrating 5 Years of covering one of the most tightly-knit, camaraderie-driven  industries that succeeds today. We love the children’s wear business – it nourishes us, keeps us inspired … it’s like family. And as Tom says, “these past five years with HUDSON’S have been my most rewarding.”

Since that twinkle in their eye, HUDSON’S has made downtown Long Beach, CA home, added key staff members, traveled to trade shows and markets all over the country, published more than 40 issues of beautiful pictures, well-written words covering every aspect of the children’s wear market  – and more. We’re growing just like children grow. And enjoying every minute of it.

It’s gratifying to know that our pages continue to be filled with so many new and wonderful collections, accessories and footwear – products that make life a little more comfortable, stylish and enjoyable not just for kids, but for parents, too.

And the news about the industry – and business in general – continues to encourage success. Here’s to another great year of moving forward.

“HUDSON’S would not be possible without the support of retailers, designers, manufacturers and sales reps, the folks who manage trade shows, the direction of all our staff and the loyalty of our readers, supporters and friends,” Tom says. “To you, I give my greatest thanks.”

Tom speaks for all of us here at HUDSON’S … our heartfelt thanks for a fantastic birthday!

-Janet Muniz

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