Perfect Winter Pick-Me-Up: PJs!

I don’t know about you, but I do my best thinking in my pajamas.

Yep. Perhaps it’s because I’m a morning person, and I tend to write early in the morning, before the sun comes up, sitting at my computer in my pajamas.

Too much information? Ah, well … here’s another thought: it’s a cold winter Saturday morning. What better for kids to play in than their favorite comfy, warm PJs? You just know I’m a fan.

Children’s clothing company Douglas & Cocoa creates those perfect PJ’s for new little ones and their big brothers and sisters. Sweet kimonos for baby, Asian-inspired PJs for siblings plus cozy blankets for all.

Owner/designer Kendal is the mother of three little boys. She’s combined her love of designing clothes with her Master’s degree in Asian art history to create a unique line of PJs – the perfect winter pick-me-up. “The special bond between my boys inspired me to design pajama sets for babies and toddlers in matching vivid colors and prints, sets that could be worn day or night,” she says.

The company’s New Mission collection features three specific items: Kung Fu PJs and matching Kimono sets – monogramming is also available for an added specialty – plus ultra cozy blankets, which Kendal thinks is essential in a mom’s tool kit. “As a mother I have learned the value of a good blanket, one that is cuddly, but also durable,” she says.

Douglas & Cocoa is based in Hong Kong and New York, and Kendal not only designs PJs, but collections and resort wear for both boys and girls (gee, a trip to Bali does sounds great right about now). I especially love the story about her company’s name, as I’m a cat person … and so is Douglas, apparently. Cocoa is his beloved stuffed kitty.

I still have my favorite stuffed animal from my childhood sitting on my desk, Douglas. Right in back of my computer, where I sit in my pajamas and work!

-Janet Muniz

2 thoughts on “Perfect Winter Pick-Me-Up: PJs!

    • jlgmuniz says:

      Thanks for your comment, Alice.

      Normally, I’d refer you to the company’s website, but it appears that the link is broken. I’m not sure who represents the line; however, if you’re interested in the pajama collection, please research whether or not the company is following the most recent CPSIA standards for manufacturing.

      Many thanks,
      Janet Muniz

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