Good Dog in a Box

Animal lovers are launching new business today on KickStarter.

Sisters Jenn Merritt and Kim Merritt-Butler grew up with two poodles, Fluffy and Muffin, who taught them the love, companionship and wonder a dog adds to life.

Today they’re launching a new business, Good Dog in a Box on KickStarter. “Our subscription boxes are not just a toy of the month club, but instead provide dog owners with the equipment and education to help improve the behavior of their dog and their relationship with that dog,” they say. “Each month our boxes provide training tools, training exercises and a unique online component with training videos and games that isn’t being done anywhere else.” Jenn and Kim want to help keep family dogs at home, rather than dumped at shelters because of “bad behavior” or biting, and to keep children from getting bitten by dogs.


Good Dog in a Box is specifically for families with kids and dogs.

Dog bites among children ages five to 12 are a serious problem in our society. Many dogs labeled as “biters” are ending up in shelters at an alarming rate. Jenn, who’s a professional dog trainer and Kim combine a positive reinforcement training base and a little home-school experience with the huge popularity of subscription boxes to offer a unique product line that has safety as well as fun implications for families with kids and dogs. In addition, Calm Dog in a Box is for anxiety ridden and stressed out dogs that is being produced in partnership with Thundershirt.

Jenn is also a Tellington TTouch practitioner for companion animals, and has spent her 15+-year career promoting positive reinforcement training techniques and speaking out against animal cruelty. Kim calls herself a “serial entrepreneur”, starting her first company, Kim’s Khocolate, at the tender age of 11 – counting Apple, AT&T, The Rolling Stones and Range Rover as clients. Kim is the pet parent of two rescue cats, Mister Kitten Britches (aka Mister) and Momma June Bug Jones (aka Buggy).

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