Hip-Healthy Swaddles, Sleep Sacks & Sleep Suits

Award-winning manufacturer ergoPouch’s range of baby swaddles, sleep sacks and sleep suits have received “hip-healthy” designation from The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of those afflicted with hip dysplasia.


“We are thrilled to receive this designation from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute,” ergoPouch founder Alina Sack says. “Baby’s health and comfort is at the forefront of every ergoPouch design and we’re pleased to be recognized for our products which promote healthy hip development during infancy by an organization of this caliber.”

040616_CRT_1stfinals-104-1Australian-based ergoPouch founded in 2009 is renowned for the design and manufacture of premium baby swaddles, sleeping bags and sleep suits made from pure natural fibers. As a mother, Alina Sack draws on her own personal experiences of sleep deprivation to conceive of innovative products designed to help babies and kids get a better night’s sleep.

The award-winning ergoPouch collection includes baby swaddles, sleeping bags and sleep suits suitable for children ages birth to six years. All ergoPouch products are made with organic cotton, bamboo or Merino wool.


Hip-Healthy Status

In 2012, Prof Nicholas Clarke of University Hospital Southampton raised the alarm about tight swaddling. “Safe swaddling with appropriate devices should be promoted because it is recognized that traditional swaddling is a risk factor for developmental dislocation of the hip,” he says. “In order to allow for healthy hip development, legs should be able to bend up and out at the hips. This position allows for natural development of the hip joints. The babies’ legs should not be tightly wrapped in extension and pressed together.”

Using a traditional wrapping method, parents could wrap too tightly to ensure their babies stay securely swaddled. Wraps can tend to unravel, but it is really important to avoid wrapping a baby’s legs tightly in a straight (prone) position.


There is no origami and no wrapping involved when using an ergoCocoon or AirCocoon “They keep even the most determined Houdini babies snug,” Alina says. For this reason, the IHDI has recognized these ergoPouch products as “Hip-Healthy” – ergonomically designed with a bell-shaped bottom for extra legroom and made from stretchy organic cotton or bamboo to allow babies to move their legs comfortably and adopt the “frog-leg” position. They are perfect for babies diagnosed with hip dysplasia as a brace can be worn comfortably inside the swaddle.


Offering great functionality and versatility, ergoPouch also offers different sizes to ensure the right fit for baby with swaddles that can easily transition to a sleeping bag, and sleep suits that convert from bags to suits with legs for easy use from bassinet to stroller to baby carrier.

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