Macaroni Kid

Have you heard about Macaroni Kid?

I’ve been enjoying a free subscription, and it looks like a great resource. Macaroni Kid publishes weekly, hyper-local e-newsletters and websites featuring events, activities, products and places for moms, kids and families. Joyce Shulman and Eric Cohen created Macaroni Kid with two goals in mind: to enrich communities and empower moms.


Enriching Communities

Macaroni Kids connects local families with the libraries, schools, rec centers, community centers, organizations and businesses that create programming and fun for kids. They host local events and parties and connect with their communities through social media.

On top of 500+ local editions, Macaroni Kid publishes seven national editions focused on special interest content:

  • Macaroni Kid Family Travel
  • Macaroni Kid Family Fitness
  • Macaroni EATS for the family foodies
  • Macaroni Kid Family Safety
  • Macaroni Stork
  • Macaroni Military Family
  • Macaroni Kid National

Empowering Moms

The company empowers moms by giving them the tools, training and the platform to build a publishing business that can become a force for good in their communities.

Macaroni Kid Publisher Moms

Each community is managed by a local Publisher Mom or Dad. They know their local communities and their local communities know them. And they’re more than happy to let everyone know about the amazing opportunities available to the neighborhood via Macaroni Kid publishing. To learn about becoming a Macaroni Kid Publisher, email

Want to learn more?

Receive a free weekly e-newsletter highlighting all the great things for kids and families to do in your community, subscribe HERE. To partner with Macaroni Kid to connect your brand with moms across the nation, email Eric Cohen at

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