Kaskey Kids

Toys kids love to play with and parents like to top the birthday cake with.

The Kaskey Kids toy company produces high-quality sports action figures for imaginary play. Kaskey combines kids’ love of action figures and sports, designing their “Guys” with one goal in mind… to encourage countless hours of imaginary play in sports loving children.

Kaskey has done their homework.  When kids engage in “open-ended” play with no defined expectations or fixed rules, their social, emotional and cognitive development benefit, according to research studies.


“Knowing that my toys are chosen, loved and played with, even with all the high tech electronic options out there, is very satisfying.”

-Christy Kaskey

In 2002, Christy Kaskey, designed the perfect toy for her sports loving kids, inspired by the appeal of classic action figures such as Army Men, Super Heroes and Cowboys ‘n Indians and the modern value these toys have of open-ended, child-driven, fun and imaginary play. Now the company has Football, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball and College Sports Action Figures, Soccer Girls Action Figures, Go Go Sports Dolls and more.


Each toy in the Kaskey Kids line is recognized in the toy industry for the creative and imaginative play they inspire, including the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award, Learning Express Best Toy Award, National Parenting Award and Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award, among others.

After more than a decade in business, a trend that Christy hopes will continue is the gender neutral way many of her customers view her toys. “We knew Soccer Girls would be a hit for 3-8 year old girls, but I have been thrilled to hear that so many fathers are spending time with their daughters using Football Guys, Hockey Guys and Baseball Guys,” she says. “Playing with our toys is a great way for a parent to pass on the love of a sport and in some cases explain the rules.”


Plus, Kasey Kids toys have also inspired parents to liven up kids’ birthday parties and celebrations with the “Guys” as well. And the festivities don’t have to be just for kids: InStyle Magazine has featured Kaskey Kids action figures in several articles, including one about a centerpiece for a Super Bowl celebration!

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