Cricket’s Circle

A baby registry with interactive, hand-holding features for new parents.

022515_CRTPost_CricketsCircle_CLogo - CopyIn less than a year since its launch, Rachel Blumenthal, founder and CEO of Cricket’s Circle, is living up to her promise of simplifying the baby registry process for parents-to-be by combining a holistic, interactive registry with personalized content.

“We created Cricket’s Circle to give every expectant and new parent their own ‘Cricket,’ a one-stop shoppable resource for trusted product recommendations and helpful advice.”

In January, Cricket’s Circle expanded to eCommerce, launching its baby registry service. The company researches and tests products, and then –along with parent-knowledge-narrows down the vast array of baby products to three recommendations per category, all in an effort to make shopping easier for parents. They even partner with retailers to get the top baby and toddler items into one registry and shopping cart. What’s more, Cricket’s Circle’s blog is fully shop-able, too.


Earlier in her career, Rachel worked for Yves Saint Laurent, jeweler brand Rachel Leigh and eyewear company Warby Parker, which is cofounded by her husband Neil –as well as having her their son, Griffin, before creating Cricket’s Circle. As a new mom and entrepreneur, Rachel is in the business of giving and receiving advice – she welcomes yours, too, at or share your comments on social.

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