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A behind-the-scenes video of a real live kid’s fashion photo shoot!

Editor’s Note: If you’re a kids fashion designer or an inspired student, take a look at this fun and informative video about how you can get your creations in front of the camera, as well as work behind the scenes at a professional photo shoot, too.

Strutting supermodels routinely ruffle feathers and members of creative teams notoriously butt heads. But at a recent countrified photo shoot staged by Dynamite Editorials, the feathers belonged to local chickens and roosters and the frisky capers of the goats were all in good fun.

060414_CRTPost_DynamiteEditorials_02Gathering creative forces at the generously donated home of the Word family in scenic Trabuco Canyon, located in the foothills of the Santa Ana mountains southeast of Los Angeles, photographer George Arguelles, along with a team of professional fashion stylists, hairstylists and makeup artists, created natural, spontaneous images of child-models along with their parents and siblings in fresh fashions and rustic settings that seem a million miles from even a speck of smog or gridlock.

“I have a passion to capture life’s adventures, and this photo shoot was a great adventure,” George says. “I enjoyed working with the talented models and creative team that Dynamite Editorials brings together. Not only do I learn from them, but we make stunning images as a team.”

It’s an old show-biz adage that no actor should ever share the bill with a child performer or an animal act, to prevent being upstaged. The instant chemistry and charisma of kids and critters at the Trabuco Canyon event confirmed this theory without a doubt.

Highlighting the action was a family birthday party on the charming front porch of the ranch house, complete with bubbles, balloons and hula-hoops. But some of the day’s most memorable images are spontaneous interactions between kids, hens, goats, dogs and one friendly pig, all members of the Word family farm.

060414_CRTPost_DynamiteEditorials_01Some of the fashions, like denim jackets from Homespun Vintage, referenced the project’s rustic Americana roots. In addition to cowboy boots and hats, which would be at home on a hayride or at a hoe-down, the young models also represented edgier expressions with screened tees, tanks, dresses and skirts, tie-dyes, and jeanswear-inspired cotton vests in hot pink. The LA-based designers included Homespun Vintage, Recess Showroom, Julie Smith Kids, Smallshop Showroom and Krys Corvette.

Children and barnyard friends were all on their best behavior. Still, there were surprises, squawks, snorts, nibbles and giggles, resulting in candid images which capture the playfulness of the fashion collections.

060414_CRTPost_DynamiteEditorials_03The Dynamite Editorials creative team followed as children frolicked with barnyard friends, catching many impressions on the fly as well as formally staging set shots. Bringing family groups into the setting added to the relaxed feeling of the day, allowing the children to respond to the environment in a comfortable and natural way.

“Working with children in this expansive natural setting was such a joyful experience,” says TNT Tauna, founder of Dynamite Editorials. “The photographs communicate a playful spirit, and this is often what’s missing from campaigns featuring kids. The feeling our team captured is genuine, not contrived, and so different from anything you could ever get inside a studio under hot lights.”

Dynamite Editorials is an educational production company specializing in editorial photography founded by fashion stylist, blogger and production director TNT Tauna. She began Dynamite Editorials as a platform to enable other artists to create cohesively styled editorials for portfolio use, promotion and publication. Tauna works diligently behind the scenes to organize content creating events, invite influential fashion bloggers to join the fun, and find magazines interested in publishing the content.

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