Introduce your kids to bowling this holiday season.

120513_BowlingBalls_RacingWithTheMoon_PosterBowling and Hollywood. There have been numerous films made that include scenes or plot points about bowling. However, unlike the ubiquitous baseball movie, precious few interesting or noteworthy films have been made that feature bowling balls instead of baseball bats.

Let’s take a look at a movie that went against the grain and made an impact with a plot that actually revolves around the lanes –a bowling movie that really is about bowling.

Racing with the Moon
MBDRAWI EC012This family-friendly movie about young love and the romance of an era made bona fide stars out of its then-young leading male actors, Sean Penn and Nicolas Cage. The two play teenage pals who work together at a small town bowling alley. They also chase girls in 1942 California at Christmastime, in the early days of World War II, waiting to ship out for basic training in the Marine Corps.

The bowling alley was the local hangout for kids then, and the authentic, painstakingly period-correct bowling alley scenes give us a taste of what real old-school bowling was like, back in the day.

Bowling -a Fun Family Adventure! If you’re thinking of giving the gift of bowling this holiday season, the folks at make affordable bowling balls and accessories for “future champions.”

Every little beginner represents the future of our sport, so novice level equipment has to be designed to prepare them for a glorious future on the lanes.

120513_BowlingBalls_04Find a great selection of bowling balls made especially for children and beginners, including cool-looking custom designs.

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