Infantissima Retirement Sale

Attention children’s boutique owners! Infantissima is retiring.

070313_Infantissima_01Trudy Hutchings, owner of Infantissima, the company that has brought specialty baby gifts and accessories to babies and parents everywhere- is ready to be a full-time grandmother, and world traveler.

Customers like you make doing business a real pleasure.

Coos and Smiles. Infantissima has been very near and dear to Trudy’s heart (learn the story behind the brand here), and now she’s ready for a new chapter in her life. And she’s celebrating with the ultimate retirement sale.

“We appreciate all of our customers and have a lot of product still available,” they say. Such a deal! Take a look-

Thank you, Trudy Hutchings, for giving coos and smiles to so many over the years!

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