Coney Island Baby

Ever wonder what “educational clothing” is?

070213_ConeyIslandBaby_01Apparel company Coney Island Baby designs clothing that features original artwork inspired by the wisdom of the ages, brought to the world by beloved scholars of our time. The clothing line –and the wisdom- is presented through an interactive digital experience with just a click and a mouse.

We hope our services stimulate reflection on the things that matter so grown-ups can help spark a child’s imagination.

070213_ConeyIslandBaby_02Awaken Wonder. The artists, designers, writers and scholars of Coney Island Baby believe that education starts at home, and strive to create what they call a cultural experience for families through casual daywear. “Our approach is guided by the idea that a mind is a fire to be lighted, not a vessel to be filled,” they say. “Together, we can set a child’s mind alight!”

The “mental playground” found at combines thought-provoking quotes, beautiful illustration, original screen-print artwork, patches and appliqués into fun creations made mostly of machine washable, stretchy cotton -wisdom that kids can wear.

Parents and children alike will want to read the Coney Island Baby story here, and get the full vision of educational clothing! There’s also a robust community happening on the company’s Facebook page, too.

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