Fish Flops

Already snagging national headlines at the tender age of 15, this creative dynamo is 061813_FishFlops_01following her passion all the way to the bank.

You may have seen recent news stories declaring, “Fifteen-year-old Sells Over $1 Million Worth of Flip Flops to Nordstrom.” And you may wonder how it all came to happen. Well, here’s the scoop:

Back when she was just eight years old, Maddie Robinson has an idea. She thinks up a product that combines her love of swimming, fishing and drawing –a fun and unique combo, I’d say.

I’ve always been a flip-flop-kind of kid, so I created a brand of flip flops called FishFlops®. I shared my idea with many of my friends and family, and they all smiled and thought I had something special.”

061813_FishFlops_02Maddie’s FishFlops® footwear are made to mix and match with one or more of her t-shirts and caps, designed in coordinating colors and aquatic characters. The footwear lights up when a child walks, and they’re fun to share with friends, too – “make a friend smile!” Maddie says.

061813_FishFlops_03The Big Ask. All it takes for Maddie’s big break is a letter to Nordstrom about her brand –and a response from the retailer’s buying team to offer Fish Flops in 60 Nordstrom stores. The rest, as they say, is the big headline.

Maddie’s colorful Fish Flops illustrations are also characters the children’s books she writes, ocean adventures Swimming with Spinner, and  FishFlops® – Living Together at Sea by Orkicky. Kids are introduced to the Maddie’s characters as each book unfolds. Maddie is also planning a Fish Flops Virtual World.

Fish Flops sold at Nordstrom online and in stores. Email for more information about apparel and book sales.

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