Canus L’il Goat’s Milk Products

060613_Canus_LilGoatsMilk_goatsSpecifically formulated for a child’s tender skin, made from fresh goat’s milk.

I just love goats. They’ve long been friends and companions to humans, nurturing us with their frisky personalities and their nutrient-rich milk.

Back in 1994, Andree Falardeau and Andre Beauregard really had a soft spot for goats, too – so much so, that they began making soap and body products made from fresh goat’s milk, through their company called Canus.

060613_Canus_LilGoatsMilk_giftsetAfter the two friends from Montreal started making fresh goat’s milk body wash, moisturizer, body butter and foot scrub for big people, the goats themselves decided it was time to make a line especially for little humans.

Canus Li’l Goat’s Milk soaps and lotions are made extra gentle for babies and young children. PH-balanced for super-sensitive baby skin, they contain allantoin, which naturally and gently heals rashes and dry spots. Lil Goat’s Milk also heals baby skin problems like acne and eczema.

Canus is based in Montreal and Vermont, producing about 70 different products available all over North America and online.

None of this could have happened without the thousands of dedicated, hard-working goats and the family farms that take such good care of them and deliver their milk to Canus.

060613_Canus_LilGoatsMilk_DiaperRashOintmentRich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, fresh goat’s milk is what the company calls Mother Nature’s greatest contribution to health and beauty. “Working closely with the goats,” they say, “our daily mission at Canus is to constantly develop new ways to use their magical milk to nourish a healthier, softer, more natural world.”

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