Brilliant Sky Toys & Books

Featuring more than 10,000 high-quality specialty products, Brilliant Sky Toys & Books is truly the place where everyone can find their way to play.

050913_BrilliantSky_01Walk into any Brilliant Sky Toys & Books specialty store, and you’ll be … enchanted. The entire mission is to delight the shopper.

Michigan-based Brilliant Sky Toys & Books provides the highest quality products in an atmosphere that is both active and interactive. Brent Taylor left the corporate world in 2002 to open his with his wife Sonia, a registered nurse, and their three children.

Together, the family created a unique retail experience that has been embraced by communities nationwide and has grown from a single location to one of the fastest growing toy retailing concepts in the country in just seven years.

Back in 2002 my singular goal was to create the finest upscale specialty toy store in America. Now we have 15 and we’re still growing!

050913_BrilliantSky_02Who needs toys? Everyone! At Brilliant Sky, personal Play Consultants help you make the most informed and successful buying decisions while you peruse several thousands of dolls, games, puzzles, crafts, books, dress-up, kites, plush, musical instruments and more. The end result is always the same: walking away with a toy that a child will cherish.

050913_BrilliantSky_03“We believe that the right playthings can teach, inform, enlighten, reinforce and enrich,” Brent says. “We believe in how they can foster self-esteem, non-violence, patience, sensitivity, diversity, and tenacity. We live it and breathe it and experience it every day, and we love nothing more than to share it with others.”

To applaud the very best toy makers, Brilliant Sky initiated the coveted Brilliance Award, an annual tip-of-the-hat to “toys that represent the very ideals that Brilliant Sky Toys & Books was founded upon — the importance of quality, the value of open-ended play and the simple beauty of a child’s fascination and delight.”

050913_BrilliantSky_logoShop online, click here to find a store near you or see more.

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