Earth Day Adorables – Knickerbocker Glory

A new category of premium children’s undergarments that encourages “the pursuit of proper fun.”

041813_KnickerbokerGlory_FBSasha Muir, also known as She-Brit, is a British entrepreneur with a passion for dreaming up unique new businesses that scream with personality.

Case in point: butter LONDON, makers of exceptional nail lacquer, which she founded in 2005. Following that success, Sasha built a second company, Knickerbocker Glory, makers of high-end children’s undergarments that lives up to its inspiration: the independent and spirited girls of 19th century England who wore fashionable “knickerbockers” so they could defy society and do just what they wanted.

Keep Calm and Put ’em On. Made from the company’s special blend of 31% organic cotton, 65% modal and 4% Lycra, Knickerboker Glory’s unique Underouts collection is soft, comfy and fresh with newborn style – this underwear is designed to be seen.

Underouts are fun and allow girls today (and boys, too!) to explore and grow whilst encouraging their unique sense of fashion. Our motto, ‘Because I Want To…’, serves as a reminder that pursuing proper fun is essential and that being dressed appropriately is key to enjoying that freedom.

041813_KnickerbockerGlory_Boxerbockers-homeNot only are Knickerbocker Glory styles made from organic cotton, each pair of Underouts is packaged in bright, fun, sustainable packaging.

Sasha Muir, who lives in the Seattle WA USA area, enjoys assisting female entrepreneurs grow their businesses and serves on a number of consumer product advisory boards. Follow her on Twitter.

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