Earth Day Adorables – NurturMe

Snack healthy – from four months to four years, NurturMe helps parents feed their children better from the ground-up, with new organic dry meal pouches and toddler treats.

041713_NurturMe_quinoa_02Austin, TX-based NurturMe, the first and only family of certified-organic, dried fruit and veggie meals, is expanding the award-winning line of organic dried baby food with  1) a 100% quinoa rice cereal alternative; 2) a new line of blended NurturMeals organic dry meal pouches and 3) a new line of bite-sized organic Yum-a-Roo’s dried fruit and veggie snacks for toddlers.

Eat Healthy. The first “stage-free” food for infants to toddlers, NurturMe’s convenient organic dry meal pouches and fruit and veggie snacks make it easy for busy parents to ensure their children are getting maximum nutrition with every bite.

“With our new expanded family of certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher products, we’re bringing convenience, versatility and peace of mind to a whole new level,” says CEO and co-founder Caroline Freedman, who’s also a mother of two. “Just one NurturMe pouch equals countless healthy and delicious opportunities for mealtime.”

NurturMeals is the only baby food on the market designed specifically for the option to mix with breast milk, providing even more nutrients with each feeding.

NurturMeals organic dry meal pouches are rich in nutrients and super versatile. Simply mix them with breast milk, formula or water to create the desired consistency, or mix them in to toddler favorites like pastas, baked goods or yogurts for a boost in protein and nutrients.

041713_NurturMe_boxlineupNurturMeals Singles now come in Protein-Packed Quinoa, which is the first and only certified-organic pure 100% quinoa meal created especially for children that supports growth.

Brand new to the NurturMe family, NurturMeals Blends bring together nutrient-packed superfoods such as green kale, quinoa, squash and banana to delight developing taste buds with creative and delicious combos.

Big nutrition designed for little hands, NurturMe’s new Yum-a-Roo’s organic dry toddler snacks are made from bite-sized pieces of fruits and veggies that easily dissolve in the mouth, using a NurturMe drying process that preserves the nutrients, freshness and flavor –in a resealable pouch.

All NurturMe products are Made in the USA. NurturMe’s organic dry meals are packed in recyclable materials made with wind energy, leaving a smaller carbon footprint on our planet than the other options found in the baby aisle.

From the soil to their spoon, each earth-loving, lightweight NurturMe pouch provides added convenience and peace of mind.

Please visit for pricing and where to buy in your neighborhood.

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