Truly Sanctuary

032113_TrulySanctuary_02After spotting this truly adorable little man on recently, I simply had to know more about his t-shirt.

TrulySanctuary is one of those unique and unctuous Etsy shops featuring t-shirts and one-zies for kids with “clever design motifs that will appeal to painfully hip toddlers, studiously urbane children, and assiduously influential adults.” Luckily for Truly, the clothing comes in big kid and adult sizes, too.

032113_TrulySanctuary_03Co-creators Ron and Beth Remsberg named the shop after their daughter, Truly-Louise, and started at Etsy – “We only came in here cause we thought we smelled cake.” They make their creations with favorite materials “unicorn love and laser beams.” Even after their second daughter Normandy Mae was born -only 13 months younger than Truly- each inspired piece is still handmade by Ron and Beth “in their very busy home full of love.”

Who wouldn’t want something made from that?

We escaped the rat race. We don’t drive, we use our feet and bicycles. We don’t clock in for anyone. We live simply and embrace community. Love tops our to-do list. Our designs reflect us … when we connect with a customer, we connect with a like-mind.

032113_TrulySanctuary_01Quirky Happiness. It was one of Beth’s aha moments that got Ron feeling better about where their lives were headed –straight for entrepreneurship. “A ridiculous snapshot of Ron wearing a giant fake mustache instantly came to mind,” they say on their site. After purchasing everything she needed, Beth carried out Operation Cheer Up Daddy. She ended up designing the first TrulySanctuary one-zie, a garment that made Ron laugh and feel loved, truly loved. It didn’t take long before the Remsbergs started making personal experiences using fashion for all of their friends, and then some.

It looks alike everyone’s taking notice, too.

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