blabla Kids of Virginia Highlands

010913_BlaBlaKids_04The very best in knit dolls, clothing and décor – made by hand, created with love.

Florence Wetterwald designs with simple poetry and vibrant style, and her popular children’s line of soft, bright, knitted playthings and clothing for kids is called blabla. The soft blabla things are handmade by artisans in Peru; with childlike wonder, the mobiles and “dream rings” –as well as rattles, paper goods such as sweet birthday cards and backpacks- support Florence’s belief that children are driven by their senses and imagination. blabla has been bringing happiness to children all over the world since 2001.

Our soft little creations are crafted with skill and thoughtful details, which make each one precious and unique …with the ancestral knowledge of our knitters, we have given life to a collection of well-loved characters who look contemporary, yet feel like old friends.

010913_BlaBlaKids_StorefrontLocated in Atlanta’s trendy Virginia Highlands neighborhood, blabla’s flagship store also houses a design studio where Florence and friends are committed to fair trade and sustainability. “Our mission,” they say, “is to continue to inspire joy and laughter.”

Wholesale and online shopping also available.

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