Cute Beltz

One mom’s homemade project leads to so many requests from friends and family, that she turns it into a business!

After searching and searching for a suitable belt that would keep her young daughter’s pants from falling to her knees, Kristen Ford-Stevens decided to make one herself. That was back in 2008. Now, Kristen is the owner and designer of Cute Beltz, makers of popular, fashionable belts for girls, boys and babies.

Like most moms, I went to Target, Walmart, Macy’s, Sears, JCPenney … the list goes on and on … but there were no belts for toddlers. I decided to make one, because I couldn’t have my baby mooning people.

Made in the USA. Durable and well-crafted, Cute Beltz are adjustable, adapting to growing children. They’re also handmade from 100% cotton webbing and 100% polyester fabrics, and CPSIA compliant. The D-Ring style is not only cute and fashionable, they help to teach kids how to use their fingers. And for children who are allergic to metal, the Velcro style is also easy to use -especially during the potty training- and for children with special needs.

Cute Beltz are not only popular, they’re winning awards! The company makes girls’ headbands, too. Kudos to Cute Beltz!

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