I Love Mommy Because

Children’s photo board books give parents and children a chance to share memories and words of love.

Barb-A-Mel Books‘ vibrantly illustrated board books create a personalized story you and your children can read together. Simply insert your own 4×6 photos into the top of each page of I Love Mommy Because… or I Love Daddy Because… to create this one-of-a-kind book. They also make a perfect gift for Grandparents.

Barb-A-Mel Books are created by mompreneur Barb Lawson-Miller, initially to show her newborn daughter just how much her Daddy loves her when he couldn’t be there for bedtime storytelling. “When friends and family learned of my daughter’s favorite book, they said I should try to get it published,” Barb says. “I decided to ‘shoot for the stars’ and submitted it to over 20 publishers… and I was rejected by every single one. The publishers loved the concept, but it didn’t fit into their publishing criteria.”

In 2001, Barb formed her own publishing company. Now, her books sell in stores across Canada and online …

Who knew the children’s book business could take you to Hollywood?

And recently, she –and her books- were invited to show at several gifting suites before the Grammy and Academy Awards in America. “My husband and I have had a lot of fun meeting celebrities and giving them my books,” she says. And now, Barb’s books are available to all the parents in the USA, too!

As she heads into her eleventh year, Barb plans to expand her publishing repertoire to include “I Love My Brother Because…” and “I Love My Sister Because…” We’re looking forward to seeing them!

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