Poo~Pourri Heaven Scent for Potty Training

The makers of Spritz The Bowl Before You Go now bring you Super Dooper Pooper Spray!

From diapers to potty training to successful –and still stinky- bathroom adventures, parents can rejoice in the new children’s line of Poo~Pourri® two-ounce wonder bottles of pink or blue spray that masks the unpleasant tasks of bathroom duty for every super dooper pooper!

Poo~pourri is a natural bathroom refresher and spray deodorizer that’s applied to the toilet water before you go. It eliminates bathroom odors and changes the bathroom experience, to the delight of the next person entering the room.

While our concept has humor, Poo~Pourri is serious business (no pun intended). Our product acts as a powerful odor neutralizer and has been tested by many people for years with an overwhelmingly positive response.

The company’s product line boasts over 60 items, including the original Poo~Pourri in several sizes, along with Deja-Poo and Trap-A-Crap. Now the company turns to the beginner bathroom user – the potty trainee. This year, three new products for Junior are being introduced.

Super Dooper Pooper Before-You-Go Spray – Spray into potty, wait for child to “go,” then flush and enjoy the scent of grapefruit, orange and ylang-ylang.

Super Dooper Pooper Book – This sweet tale of a pre-potty trained bear is ideal to read before and while on the potty.

“I’m A Super Dooper Pooper” T-shirt –Toddlers should be proud of their accomplishments and these cute shirts do the bragging for them.

For founder and aroma-therapy specialist Suzy Batiz, the mission started small -helping resolve a stinky situation in the workplace. Working in close quarters can lead to frequent odors, contributing to the embarrassment of others and reduction of overall morale. Suzy, who had a knack for blending essential oils, has become quite adept at making natural facial spritzers and aromatherapy concoctions for friends and family. In January 2007, the Poo~Pourri® product launched. By September of that year, Suzy had caught the sweet smell of success and has transformed the $25,000 start-up into a booming $4 million enterprise boasting over 60 different products sold in five countries.

Good on you, Suzy!

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