Elegant Baby: high-style, high-quality design

The folks at Elegant Baby® like to say that babies deserve style just as fresh and unique as they are.

And if you’re a trendy, hip and stylish parent, chances are your kids are trendy, hip and stylish, too. And … you’re exactly the kinds of customers who love Elegant Baby.

From baby blankets and baby clothing sets to piggy banks, picture frames and rubber ducks, this family-owned American business gives style-conscious families the choice of affordable baby gifts featuring the very best in quality, design, craftsmanship and tradition.

Our beautiful keepsakes, stylish fashion apparel, baby blankets, nursery items and more all feature the hottest patterns and colors inspired by runway fashion and interior design.

Celebrity Favorite. Famous faces like Angelina Jolie, Tiger Woods, Gwen Stefani and Tom Cruise give Elegant Baby gifts to their children, but so do everyday moms all across the country.

Founded in Burlington, NC by Fred V. Hooper, Elegant Baby was designed to serve the higher end of the baby product industry. Its parent company, Baby Needs, Inc., has been around since 1967, and is known for the Grow Time brand of children’s products. Since 2002, Fred’s son Yates Hooper had led his family’s company, bringing years of experience in the international fashion industry and his own unconventional vision to Elegant Baby. Now, the company is known for affordable, sophisticated baby necessities that are stylish and fun.

The collection has taken off in a really exciting direction, but we’re still honoring tradition. We’re going to make sure Elegant Baby® offers the best of both worlds – the old and the new.

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