The Début of ARTIFACT

“I don’t know when ‘re-purposing’ became a word,”

says Molly Gaddy-Walters, self proclaimed glue gun expert, geek-of-anything-crafty, and freak of anything vintage. “I always thought it was cool to find hidden beauty in someone else’s treasure.”

Molly is also the owner/shopkeeper of ARTIFACT –a unique boutique, consignment shop and event space-featuring one-of-a-kind re-purposed and up-cycled home furnishings, clothing, gifts and more. “We specialize in helping people find beauty in the worn, torn and discarded,” Molly says, “or we give their personal artifacts a needed artistic touch.” The Las Vegas-based retailer is scheduled to open to the public on Saturday, June 30 in Tivoli Village with eco-conscious merchandise that’s Handmade in the USA by talented artisans found locally and across the United States. “This is one of the most talented, artistic and inspirational groups ever assembled; a true ensemble of creative genius, and I know together we are going to take the world by storm.”

ARTIFACT looks at retail differently. It has a story and purpose. Each unique object in ARTIFACT is like a lost treasure only to be found. Any kind of work that touches us on an emotional level -that brings us joy or happiness, tears or laughter- is art. Molly Gaddy-Walters has created an artful masterpiece in ARTIFACT. It is gift for all of us, to not only shop, but enjoy.

Gina Gavan, founder and CEO of marketing development firm Tribal Minds

Making the ordinary art. The store is organized with several departments, including Scribble, the place where kids, babies and their parents can shop for fun, cool, trendy and classic finds that are re-purposed and up-cycled. There’s an organic market with handmade baby items including cribs, blankets, nursery décor, books and toys that have been re-purposed or are green. Scribble also features a crayon bar as well as The Trading Post, named for the historic North American place where folks exchanged goods, met, discussed current events and shared ideas. The Trading Post at ARTIFACT is for kids to meet and exchange toys in a safe environment.

Other ARTIFACT departments include Purpose, featuring vendors and artisans who create special custom orders; Masterpiece, furniture and decorative accessories; Portrait, clothing and jewelry for men and women; and Landscape, full of rare and unique found objects such as books, signage, outdoor/indoor fixtures and large art pieces.

Classes, events and more. Molly and her team plan to hold classes that focus on “the Art of ARTIFACTS,” as well as special ones that celebrate a birthday, birth of a baby or wedding. ARTIFACT also offers Green Chic Party Planning that works with a customer’s ideas and makes them green, including kids parties.

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.

-Pablo Picasso

As one of her favorite quotes, Molly takes the words of Pablo Picasso to heart every day. After years of working in the high-end retail world, Molly stopped to stay at home with her kids –and started living with re-purpose. The family motto was “use it up, make it last, or do without,” she says. It didn’t take long for her to realize that re-purposing is not only a way of life, but a freedom –to express ourselves and define our personal style. “Trips to the thrift store seemed to unfold like a story book. I looked around and saw all the beautiful potential many of the items had. I felt the need to repurpose them in a way others would treasure.”

So it’s not hard to image that the début of ARTIFACT will bring back that very best of shopping experiences –finding something super special at an affordable price.

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One thought on “The Début of ARTIFACT

  1. I love your write-up about Artifact! Molly has an enthusiasm, energy and drive like no one else I’ve seen. If she dreams it, watch it unfold and watch it fast!!
    No is NOT in her vocabulary! She can make something beautiful out of almost nothing and she does it with such ease. I can’t wait to see Artifact in person!

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