Shine On with Little Trendstar

In one of my other lives, I produced marketing campaigns for Xena: Warrior Princess, creating the much-loved, often-repeated tagline, Battle On!

And if you know anything about Xena and her passion, you know that’s exactly what she does.

That’s the thing about taglines – the good ones are shorthand for the true essence of a brand, capturing the heart as well as the imagination.

So it is with Little Trendstar®, the much-loved (especially celebrity-love!), often-talked-about children’s brand of designer clothing, created for kids and babies to Shine on!

My two little boys inspired me to start Little Trendstar® since they love the spotlight. I wanted to create tees that were worthy of their ‘look at me’ personalities!

-Nicole Worth

Demand a Second Look. Owner Nicole Worth and her team are creating t-shirts and baby one-pieces made from 100% cotton, and the look-at-me graphic designs are printed with non-toxic, water-based inks that contain no phthalates or PVC. Part style icon, part rock n’ roll and all trendy, the designs let kids capture the spotlight –as they so love to do- with fun and fashionable clothes that are as “stage-worthy as their one-of-a-kind personalities.”

What kids will do with all this attention is up to them, but making them shine while wearing our tees is us saying be a Little Trendstar®!

Made in the USA. Not only is Little Trendstar Made in the USA, so is the creative inspiration. In addition to being a mom of two boys, Nicole is co-owner of Michigan-based Formcode Design Group, which creates graphic and website design.

In April, photographer AJ Mueller and his team at Streetview Productions hand-built a stage backdrop for the Little Trendstar Spring/Summer collection photo shoot. “We added just enough star quality to really give off a rock concert vibe,” Nicole writes on her blog. The models did a fantastic job performing and letting their inner rock star shine.”

See what Gwen Stefani, Tori Spelling, Kate Hudson -their celebrity kids- and a gaggle of hip mommy bloggers are talking about! Thank you, Rachel Florio PR, for introducing me to Little Trendstar.

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