One-of-a-Kind Softies from Child’s Own Studio

Their uniqueness is undeniable. And their cuteness is irresistible.

Over 13,000 people like Child’s Own Studio’s Facebook page. And it’s easy to see why.

Softie dolls have been around for quite some time (apparently it’s a wildly popular Japanese craze), but they’ve never been imagined quite like this. Wendy Tsao began using her needle and thread to create softie dolls based on children’s drawings about five years ago, and she’s been bringing their artistic creations to life ever since.

Child’s Own Studio makes custom, handmade, keepsake, soft toys that will be cherished for a lifetime. Featured in the June 2012 issue of Reader’s Digest, Wendy’s wonderful creations are a collaboration between her and the dreams of a child -one-of-a-kind drawings as unique as the child who draws it.

The child’s drawing, a wonderful expression of childhood, is the starting point of the collaborative project. Details and color choices are reproduced as closely as possible so that the stuffed toy that arrives in the mail is immediately recognizable to the child who designed it.

Wendy’s Vancouver BC, home-based craft business is keeping her very busy, and happy. “It’s a fun, rewarding process, and kids love seeing their drawings come alive,” she says. So busy in fact, that she’s got a wait list for her hand-crafted style  –it takes up to two days to complete a Child’s Own creation. In the meantime, she offers the Softiemaker Showcase on her website, a list of independent craft artists from around the world who are also available, if you’re in a really big hurry.

Read Wendy’s blog on her homepage for the story behind many Child’s Own Studio softie creations.

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