T-Shirt Transcendence

Can a t-shirt actually help a child develop self esteem? My Kinda Style t-shirts just may give kids the kind of positive reinforcement they need to feel great about themselves.

My Kinda Style is a children’s knitwear brand of t-shirts and one-pieces with hip, witty and empowering graphic messages. Made from soft organic cotton with a tagless design, they not only provide endless hours of comfort, but are also made to encourage positive self esteem in children.

Shayla Mackey is the creative force behind My Kinda Style, and knows first-hand how important self-esteem is, especially for girls. While raising her daughter all on her own, she finished college with a degree in Business Management; in fact, Shayla was inspired by her daughter’s love of art and fashion to start the business.

We pay close attention to the details that both kids and parents want in a clothing line, from carefully choosing the perfect fabric texture and colors to dreaming up the next empowering themed messages and designs.

Oklahoma-based My Kinda Style is no ordinary t-shirt maker; as a community volunteer and an active member of her church, Shayla is also passionate about using her business to give back to communities.

“Not every child has the opportunity to have new clothes,” Shalya says. “While clothing is a necessity, a brand new t-shirt to a child in need takes on a whole new meaning; it can give him confidence, make her feel noticed and important, and overall teach a valuable lesson that when they’re in need, there are people who care to help.”

T-Shirts That Give. On this page of the website, folks can nominate a deserving child or children who can benefit from a new t-shirt by telling Shayla and the team at My Kinda Style their story. “We believe that something as simple as a t-shirt really can change lives. We want to do our part to make their dreams come true.”

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