Be a Chatfan of Chatman

Cheerful, emotive figure helps make computer time more fun, productive and safe.

Atlanta, GA-based Penny Black Digital, in partnership with Israel-based Rondyo Ltd., introduces Chatman, the first and only artificially intelligent computer friend designed to make online chat sessions, web surfing, games and homework more fun, creative -and safe. This cool, smart and funny friend sits by a child’s computer and interacts with them.

Bright Yellow and Boisterous. For kids ages six to12, Chatman talks, moves eyes, hands and ears, and has a unique animated LED mouth. Just like a friend, Chatman understands language, context and mood, and expresses emotions, recognizing over 15,000 words, with 2,000 movements and 30 moods.

No Stranger Danger. In addition to providing education and fun, Chatman also filters words and web content based on parental controls helping to keep children safe on the Internet. Chatman allows peace of mind for parents by working with and filtering a child’s online conversations on Facebook®, Skype™ and MSN® Messenger. Chatman alerts when inappropriate web searches are attempted.

The internet can be both social and isolating at the same time. That’s one of the reasons Chatman is available -to provide kids with a friendly emotive companion while they spend time online. Chatman has plenty of functionality, but integrates solid parental controls and creates a safe zone that keeps your child safe online, too.

-recent product review

Boom Boom. Chatman received an exclusive invitation to participate in the 2012 Oscars Boom Boom Room celebrity gifting suite as one of the hottest must-have parenting products. Chatman was created and developed by Rondyo co-founders Joseph Levy and Doron Frenkel. Chatman’s migration to America follows its successful debut in Israel in 2010.

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