Funnel + Flip + Nipple = Flipple

Meet Flipple, made with American ingenuity by a mother of invention.

Imagine being able to convert any bottled water product into a baby bottle. Couldn’t that just make your day?

Leave the baby bottles at home…on purpose! Flipple is an adapter with a thread design that attaches to 99% of standard bottled water products, so parents can easily add formula and other liquid, thus solving the problem of forgetting baby bottles at home. Flipple creates a secure connection between bottle neck and baby’s favorite standard nipple with no leaks, too.

Made in the USA. BPA-free, Flipple is a safe, fast and convenient way to feed a baby on the go with no clean up. “Mothers will quickly see the high standards used when putting together this product and it is backed with a 100% guarantee,” says creator Linda Lewis, who quit her full-time job of 30 years to fulfill the great American dream of running her own business.

It has been a true adventure getting Flipple to where it is today. It began with cutting, gluing and measuring at the kitchen table to get a very ugly prototype, but it worked!

Based in Galesburg, IL USA Linda’s family-owned Flipple Company  provides top quality products that parents will learn to trust, value and need. In addition, she’s on a mission to prove  that production can be sourced in the USA at a competitive price, thus getting Americans back to work. Flipple is the first example: All production tooling is made in the St. Louis area.

Great Gift Idea. The versatile Flipple can be used in all sorts of ways:

  • As a kitchen funnel
  • Re-use bottles while camping
  • Fertilize indoor plants
  • As a garage funnel

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