Hot Tot – Stylish Haircare with a Heart

Hot Tot Haircare recently celebrated its first birthday on April 15, and it is truly very different from any other children’s hair products on the market.  

This is a line of fabulous, salon-quality styling products formulated especially for kids – “so they can be stylish from the start and grow into confident individuals.” The contemporary white and silver bottles house a bevy of eco-friendly, healthy hair styling products for babies and children that do not contain harsh or harmful chemicals. Biodegradable, cruelty free, never tested on animals – even the posh packaging is recyclable – Hot Tot is committed to sustainable business practices, investing in people and technology that enables the brand to make a positive impact.

Do kids really need their own specialized hair care line? Yes!

Founder Megan Gage worked with a cosmetic formulator to create her luxurious products specifically for the physical characteristics of immature hair –and a love for all things fabulous, she says. “Motherhood provided an opportunity to share such fun with my kids.” But after reading an article on the effects of chemicals in personal care products on children, she simply couldn’t ignore statistics like this:

  • 1 in 3 American children has allergies, ADHD, autism or asthma
  • Biological immaturity impairs a child’s ability to detoxify chemicals, making them extremely vulnerable in the early years of life
  • 57% of the top selling baby soaps are contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, 82% of the top selling children’s products contain formaldehyde, and neither chemical is required to appear on American labels

After significant time in research and development, Megan and her husband introduced the natural, luxurious and professional Hot Tot Haircare line. Visit them online and see some of their favorite trendy looks. Hot Tot t-shirts and rompers are available, too.

True beauty is a kind and giving heart. As a former social worker, Megan has a special place in her heart for social responsibility. “I believe that inner beauty is more important than outward appearance,” she says. To that end, the company donates to several charities, including Save the Children, CASA and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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