Chicken Rhythm, Crazy Fun

Meet Malvina Buonocore and Aliki Visser. These two ladies run a company in Belgium called Chicken Rhythm.

We’re spunky.
We like to laugh.
We’ve been friends for years.
Our kids go to the same school.
We see each other practically every day.
If we don’t, we’re on the phone.
We go on vacation together.
If we could, we’d be living together.

Now, these two are just the kind of ladies I’d like to meet. For years, the “Chicas” at Chicken Rhythm have been keeping me up to date with news of all the fabulous iron-on patches, fun children’s t-shirts and backpacks that these girls produce. They’re all pretty special, sporting unique, custom designs by artists – because Chicken Rhythm has a thing for art, in all its forms –especially bringing art to the people, both big and small.

Malvina and Aliki started the company in 2008 and work with a slew of talented illustrators, graphic designers, comic book artists or others such as Geertjan Tillmans, Sam De Buysscher, Marijn Dionys, Jan Werkt, Sabien Clement, Jan Truyens, Philip Paquet and Reinardus. The Chicas find ways to apply their designs to things they never thought possible.

What’s more, Malvina and Aliki are moms, too –so they produce products that can survive the wear and tear of both children … “and washing machines.” Available online for shoppers in the USA.

Crazy fun. Can’t you tell just by looking at them?

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