Djäknemåla Delights!

Stunning new brand from Sweden is designing for boys, too.

Self-described as “whimsical couture from the beautiful forests of Sweden,” the first collection of Djäknemåla will be available this spring, and it’s already caught the eye of many-an-A-list celeb daughter with its bold colors, striking imagery and elegant lines. (This video really captures the brand personality. Watch here).

Djäknemåla (pronounced yīk-ne-mah´-lah) is named for a beautiful bit of Blekinge Län, Sweden. Designer Pia (who’s also involved with the swimwear line Stella Cove) tells CupcakeMag for Littles that her easy-to-wear clothes made from crisp cottons are inspired by her grandmother’s own magical, fantastical artwork. Plus she’s also included a little bit of Sweden for boys, too:

We have a little Fall line coming out at the trade fairs in early spring which includes a mini foray into boys clothing. I only have boys myself –they would rather walk on hot coal than wear anything I designed- but it was so much fun to make.

Looking forward to seeing more from Djäknemåla!

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A special thanks to Rachel Florio PR.

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