Klever Kids very -well- Clever

Klever Kids designs, produces and sells apparel that represents the joyful “parent and kid” lifestyle. The company recently launched the Spring/Summer 2012 collection of this clever, soft clothing line that is fun to wear. Unique designs with surprises hidden behind snap open pockets -prominent images of lions, tigers, rhinos and others- can be matched with a uniquely designed vest/zip-up sweater, for instance, allowing the child to zip it down and show off that cool tiger on their tee.

We are very proud at Klever Kids as we put the fun and comfort into wearing and putting on clothes again for kids and parents.”

-founder Emine Sandi, who’s also a mom

The Klever Kids line is designed for boys and girls ages three months to eight years – graphic tees, ruffled dresses, trendy cargos, polished cardigans and more.

Kids will feel cool, carefree and stylish wherever they go with Klever Kids.”

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