A Feel-Good Story for Year’s End

Nineteen-year-old Lauren Feather has taken on a challenge that many find inconceivable in this economy: opening a successful fashion business.

Not only did Lauren open the flagship store of her (Best Kept Secret) Boutique this summer, she chose the Las Vegas area -Nevada’s current capital of foreclosure- as the new home for what she calls “adorable, affordable, cute and quality™.”

“As a Summerlin resident, it is the ideal location for my brand,” Lauren says. “It’s exciting to see my dream come to life while being able to bring (Best Kept Secret) Boutique™ to this community. Women can find cute, affordable clothing they’re proud to wear.”

The boutique merchandise of eye-catching apparel, stylish shoes and trendy accessories is a reflection of Lauren’s own youthful energy and action-filled lifestyle. She designed the shopping experience to have a one-on-one feel while catering to young women’s desire to shop for trendy, edgy fashion at affordable prices.

I realized department and specialty stores were committing a major fashion faux pas -charging ridiculous prices for mediocre fashion. The victims? Young women looking for cute, affordable and quality clothes.”

Lauren is inspired by her own passion for fashion, constantly in search of unique, fine quality clothing that isn’t super expensive. She dreamed of a store filled with the most adorable and reasonably priced little gems she could really buy and be happy with. After investing time researching, drawing up plans and putting her keen eye for fashion to work,  Lauren actually opened that store, and she’s living her dream.

Now, if this success story doesn’t inspire you to revisit your own dreams for a business you’re jazzed about, I don’t know what will.

Happy Holidays, everybody! Live your dream in 2012.

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