Get to know Sara Sara

Los Angeles, CA-based G.B.Y.M., Inc. is a popular family-owned children’s apparel business

known more widely as Sara Sara –a company designing fashion-forward, sensible, unique dresses and sportswear for girls. Wayne Lee is director of marketing; his sister Amy Chang works as head designer for all labels –Hannah Banana, Baby Sara, The Collection by Sara Sara and Truly Me– with designated designers for each label. Amy’s husband Steve leads the production effort.

We catch up with Wayne and Amy, as they give us an inside look into Sara Sara.

Baby Sara

What does your company name, G.B.Y.M., Inc. stand for?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not Go Bother Your Mom … G.B.Y.M. stands for God Bless You & Me. We have been blessed for the last 20-some-odd years with steady growth in sales and customer base. We do know it has to do with keeping the ‘customers first’ mentality.

Hannah Banana

In your opinion, do girls still love wearing dresses?

There are always events that girls will want to dress up for. Every girl wants to experience them looking her best! No matter the time, the season or the state of our industry, girls will always be girls, so dresses will never be out of fashion.

The Collection by Sara Sara

What’s selling for you? How do you accommodate market trends in your designs?

We try to give our customers the latest fashion, designed with kids in mind. We want our kids to be fashionable, sensible and comfortable. For the coming spring and summer, fashion is trending toward long dresses, wide-legged pants with crop tops … bold prints, ditsy prints and a lot of bright colors; stripes are a must; romantic looks and lace, just to name a few. It’s a certain ‘look’ we achieve while still being age-appropriate and kid-friendly. You’ll see a lot of these elements in our designs this season!

Truly Me

What’s next?

Lately, we’ve received so many requests and proposals from around the world, especially from Asia. Representatives from China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan are requesting exclusive contracts and we are evaluating them as we speak. We’ve worked with foreign countries for some years now, but we think we can really hit those foreign markets with a bang.

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