New company helps retailers navigate internet marketing

Worldwide retail executives struggling to sort out what is current and what is outdated best-practices for

e-marketing, e-commerce, online advertising, sales and marketing, web and design can now access a compilation of tools for google advertising, search engine optimization (SEO),  global PR services, and resource directories –all at

The high return-on-investment and low risk tools and services compiled on Global B2B Communications are geared to help B2B company executives and other online retailers responsible for cultivating worldwide lead generation.

The resources on this site are based on a very sophisticated understanding of natural language processing, how today’s worldwide search engines really work and how companies can combine state-of-the-art artificial intelligence tools for competitive web analysis with Google AdWord campaigns and Global PR tactics to quickly reap significant ROI from their online marketing investments.”

-Amy Munice, founder

The launch of this website and its companion b2c site slated for future release, marks the culmination of a year+ search to find the best-in-class internet marketing tools. Amy, also president of  20+ year-old PR company ALM Communications Inc., specializes in worldwide PR campaigns with pre-set guarantees and deliverables. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, USA, ALM works with a wide network of technical and trade magazine editors across the globe.

Every day I am visiting websites with long laundry lists of the same keywords on every page -ostensibly because the company is ‘optimizing’ each webpage for every one of these dozen or so terms, not realizing the diminishing returns of that type approach.  These signs of out-of-date web marketing approaches are ubiquitous -worldwide.”

All inquiries can be directed to

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