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When there are deadlines to meet, chores to get done or mom or dad are desperately in need of a little shut eye …

… the Nap Nanny Chill is there to help. Many babies become fussy at nap time because they are uncomfortable having to lie flat on their backs. The Nap Nanny Chill is a portable recliner with contoured sides and safety harness that keep the baby secured gently and safely in the center and won’t let them slip off or crawl out. Made from light, durable foam, it weighs three pounds, has a waterproof lining that protects, is extra soft, removable and washable. The Nap Nanny Chill was designed by sportscaster and mother of two Leslie Gudel after her husband told her to stop dreaming about the perfect nap and play time seat and go create it. The company launched in 2009, and has grown into a team of 19 in order to keep up with their success.

Hello Kitty teams with Vans:

Retail executives struggling to sort out what is current and what is outdated best-practices for e-marketing, e-commerce, online advertising, sales and marketing and web and design can now access a compilation of tools for google advertising, search engine optimization (SEO),  global PR services and resource directories such as global editor-recommended translators from Global B2B Communications. The high return-on-investment and low risk tools and services compiled on Global B2B Communications are geared to help B2B company executives and other online retailers responsible for cultivating worldwide lead generation. Amy Munice, president of ALM Communications Inc. and founder of Global B2B Communications explains, “The tools and services collected on Global B2B Communications are based on a very sophisticated understanding of natural language processing, how today’s worldwide search engines really work.” Some of the content highlighted on includes 1) copy evaluation tools, 2) effective search engine optimization tools, 3) a wide selection of google advertising tools, self-instruction videos that teach you how to sell online and classes, 4) article writing services, global news releases and white papers, and 5) No-cost phone consultations on best-fit web marketing courses in synch with the training.

Freed Foods LLC, a food company founded by a mom-to-be in search of the perfect baby food launches NurturMe, the first and only certified-organic, all-natural, gluten-free baby food made from nutrient-rich, quick-dried fruits and vegetables. By quick-drying, rather than cooking, its ingredients, NurturMe preserves the vital nutrients and phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables, making it one of the most natural and nutritious baby foods available. Each pouch may be mixed with breast milk, whole milk, formula or water in any amount or combination, enabling feedings to be customized completely to baby and mother’s needs. Designed for children from the age of four months to four years, NurturMe may also be sprinkled into grains, homemade purees, yogurts, apple sauce and macaroni & cheese to give them a delicious and nutritious boost.

Dr. Helen Boehm is elected to the USA Toy Library Association‘s (USA TLA) Board of Directors. The USA TLA promotes safe public play space and toy pending centers in community library nationwide.  Boehm is currently an educational consultant to The Hub and is the founder of FCC Ready.  She previously served in senior executing positions at MTV Networks/Nickelodeon and the Fox Children’s Networks, and is also an author.

Reading to children is a rewarding routine that helps build a strong bond between parents and children, and can aid in a better night’s sleep for everyone (HUDSON’S definitely agrees!). Little Toader is the up-and-coming company dedicated to bringing creative, humorous, and safe products to play time and nap time. Creators Michael and Lori Bredemeier‘s first creative venture into toddler wear are Storybook PJ’s, snuggly pajamas packaged with a special picture book to make bedtime fun. Their second line of products are soothing teething toys with a sense of humor. Appeteethers come in silly shapes including Chompin’ Chicken Wing and a Baby-Q Rib, and are non-toxic, BPA-free, PVC-free, lead-free and phthalate-free. All products are tested and CPSC-compliant.

United Legwear Company LLC and Fisher-Price®, a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc., have partnered to manufacture and distribute multi-product lines for infants and toddlers. Girls and boys legwear assortments include core basics and fashion styles for anklets, crew socks, bobby socks, tights, booties, and slipper socks with gripper bottoms that incorporate Fisher-Price BabyGear characters, styles and themes.

The newest Jottum Pre Spring collection is characterized by the festive, elegant look of luxury fabric qualities such as silk, taffeta and lace. Think Communion, weddings and elegant garden parties. The boys line features linen suits with a choice of lengths and pants with subtle influences from the Navy. Twists on the classic pinstripe, beautifully cut shirts and lightweight sweaters knitted with a reference to the sea combine in unique outfits can be worn even after the festivities. For more, contact Jamari Int’l. Ltd.

Popular in Europe and now available in North America, the Go Anywhere Booster Seat from Polar Gear Baby weighs less than 1.5 pounds and can go anywhere – in the kitchen, to Grandma’s, off to the Food Court. When folded, the seat with carrying strap looks like a messenger bag. Unfold the bag to reveal a chic seat that baby will happily sit upon. Visit A Parent Company for more.

-Janet Muniz


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