Buyback Programs Help After the Holidays

“It’s been a tough couple of years for specialty retail. I appreciate any effort to help us keep margins in line.”

-Karry Blodgette, Spoiled Silly, Inc., Depoe Bay, OR

“I have a compelling story to share with your readers,” Jonathan Domsky, president of Kidorable, tells HCRSourcebook. “With the economy still biting, we are using our creativity to help our customers be as successful with our company as possible.”

The Niles, IL-based company Jonathan and Liping Domsky started in 1997 to create children’s apparel and accessories that are both functional and fun has evolved into a flourishing global enterprise with sales they project to exceed $15 million by 2015.

“After the holidays, retailers inevitably run out of some items they need to reorder, and have other inventory they wish they could send back,” Jonathan says. “Most retailers are forced to put half their merchandise on sale, devastating their margins, and can’t order new spring product until they’ve cleared out the old stuff.”

How does Kidorable help? With the January Buyback Program. “We encourage our retailers to rebalance their inventory by sending back any unwanted Kidorable merchandise for a full credit,” Jonathan explains. “Kidorable even pays for the return shipping. All we ask for is a Buy Back order at least double the size of the return.”

Jonathan’s clients appreciate his company’s efforts, too. “Many of my vendors have made it more difficult than ever to order,” says Karry Blodgette of Spoiled Silly, Inc., “but not Kidorable. It’s not one thing with them … it’s the whole package … they are really a pleasure to do business with.”

To find out more, email Jon directly at and visit

-Janet Muniz


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