Reading is Fun-To-HUDSON’S

We think “Reading is Fundamental,” and it’s also Fun-To-HUDSON’S!

With a holiday season full of early morning door buster sales, the true meaning of Christmas can get lost in the flurry of activity. A visit from one of Santa’s plush Elf Magic™ Elves is a great way to bring wonder, magic and meaning back into Christmas. Elf Magic Elves, sent by Santa to visit children during the Christmas season for over 50 years, truly become a child’s best friend and a part of the family in a way that is simply magic! The brand-new Elf Magic, The Story of a Timeless Christmas Tradition is a 51-page book that’s easy to read and features gorgeous watercolor illustrations. The story transports readers to the North Pole, where Santa gathers his Elves for the annual reading of his story about a timeless Christmas tradition. Readers also learn important details about the Elves through the enchanting story, including what they like to eat and the significance of the embroidered snowflake on each Elf’s chest.

In her first-ever children’s book, celebrity chef Lidia Bastianich welcomes you into her home and kitchen during this holiday season. In Nonna Tell Me A Story: Lidia’s Christmas Kitchen published By Running Press Kids, Lidia shares one of her fondest childhood memories-decorating her very own edible Christmas tree. With a mix of storytelling, cooking instruction, and imaginative animation, this Christmas book showcases special family moments created around memorable food. Featuring 16 delicious easy-to-cook recipes, this book is sure to bring your family together in the kitchen. Yum!

Bestselling novelist Andrew Klavan has written the scariest Homelanders book yet, number three in the four-part series of his young adult thrillers slated for feature films by Summit Entertainment. The Truth of Matter is published by Thomas Nelson and joins The Last Thing I Remember and The Long Way Home which chronicle the story of Charlie West. For this holiday season Andrew and Thomas Nelson offered 2010 Christmas/Hanukah/Holiday Giveaways to the children of U.S. Armed Forces through media outlets or organizations who serve the families of active-duty, wounded, fallen or retired servicemen and servicewomen.

Writer and illustrator Debby Carman is donating copies of her hardcover dog and cat picture book series to the national organization, Reach out and Read and make their way into the hands of doctors, nurse practitioners and other medical professionals and become a part of wellness check-up programs, starting in California. Titles in clue I’m Gronk and I’m Green, Cha Cha the Dancing Dog, I’m Maximum Cat, That’s a Fact, Chewdalootie Doing My Duty and Purrlonia’s Lullaby.

Why not create a series of books that allows a parent or another special someone – even a beloved child – to record their own voice reading the story? Author Cristine Hoskin’s Recordable Storybooks series does just that with the début title, I Am Loved. Super simple recording process. The book contains simple word structures and short sentences. Cristine also authors the Comfort Me Bear Mission.

-Janet Muniz

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