You’ve got to have faith

“You’ve got to have faith,” says Ilda Coppola, whether you’re navigating rush hour traffic in the city or masterminding an economic rebound.

After more than 20 years as a creative director for a leading children’s wear company, faith is something this designer/manufacturer really believes in, strongly enough to name her own début line of high-end children’s wear, Faith by Ilda C.

“People are looking for a sense of optimism,” she explains, adding that she predicts the time is right for a return to the kind of glamour and sophistication her new collection classically embodies.

Initially, Faith by Ilda C. is catering to young girls, toddler and 4-6X. “I love to design for this age because the kids’ personalities are starting to really come out and shine,” Ilda says. She describes her new line as exceptionally well made and timeless – like an outfit special enough to be handed down from generation to generation – yet with cutting edge styling and designed for comfort.

Later, Ilda plans to expand her line to include apparel for infant girls.

-Janet Muniz

One thought on “You’ve got to have faith

  1. Amy says:

    This line looks AMAZING. the color, outlines, fabric.. everything looks great! I cant wait to see these outfits in stores by me! Good job Ilda C!!!

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